Film Editor

Mehdi Mehrnia 




Mehdi Mehrnia was born in Iran and received his training at Tehran University of Art and Iran Radio and Television University (IRIB University). He is a member of the Iranian Cinema Editors Guild and has extensive experience in editing feature films, short films, TV dramas, and documentaries, many of which have won national and international awards.

Mehdi has collaborated with numerous acclaimed filmmakers, including Parviz Sheikh Tadi, Hossein Ghasemi Jami, Saeed Alemzadeh, Nima Tabatabaie, and Shahram Babapour, and has worked with leading production companies such as Sima Film, House of Documentary, Sepanta Film and Nobin studio. His productions have competed in prestigious film festivals such as Fajr International Film Festival, Iran International Documentary Film Festival, and Roshd International Film Festival. Additionally, his work has been broadcast on IRIB and BBC, as well as streamed on Filimo, hashure, and IMV Box.

As a film editor, he specializes in experimenting with narrative structures in both fiction and documentary films. Notable works include “The Third Wave” (2009), a compelling film that challenges audience expectations and offers a fresh perspective on people’s relationship with their past, and “I am Nasser Hejazi” (2015), a documentary that presents a nuanced view of the intersections of sports, politics, and culture. He has also edited reality TV shows such as “Bulletproof” (2018) and “Commander 5” (2020) using non-linear narrative structures to create tension and urgency. His latest work, “That man did not open the door any more” (2021), is a gripping documentary that explores trauma and loss through a fragmented storyline. Overall, his films push the boundaries of storytelling and engage audiences in new and exciting ways.



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